Managing the Unknown(Fostering)

“Foster Children are broken the don’t need you to fix them they just need you to love them” ~Ladyldc

How do you manage a child that you know very little about?

Fostering is like giving birth to a child that was born 6 or 7 years old it is a process of building a relationship with the child and learning them. From my experience fostering a child doesn’t really become successful until the child has been in your home for about 6 months. My kiddos learn the rules of the house my expectations and I learn their triggers and how to soothe them or what scares them or what I can do to make their lives a little brighter. My answer to this question is time it takes time to manage a child who is new to you and your home.

How do you deal with Bio Parents Criticizing my every move?

Mother and Children on a Sofa

It just similar the previous question it takes time any parent will feel threatened if they thought someone was trying to replace them or take over there spot as a Mother. It is a nature instinct to protect what belongs to them even if they are the main reason the child is in care. Parent’s actions do not change their parental instincts. No one wants to lose something that they have created. It is hard enough knowing your child is with a complete stranger and not sure if they would ever come home. Its fear or lack of understanding that triggers parent’s aggressive, mean, rude behavior toward foster parents. Parents don’t know what will happen with their case be patient with them and try to understand things from their prospective no matter what you may be feeling about them pertaining to the case. Remember no one is perfect so try not to judge the bio parent instead attempting to build a relationship with them for the child would be a better outcome. That does not mean you have to be best friends with them or invite them to “Poker Night”. Just some form of communication and understanding about how their child is doing and allowing that parent child contact if it is permitted as it is important for the child’s emotional development.

How do you deal with multiple therapy appointments doctor visits social worker visits and all other visits that are associated with fostering and work a full-time job?

Blue and Gray Stethoscope

The best way to keep up with all the appointments is to have a support system as you will need assistance with transporting and being available for the children’s appointments. The amount of appointments can be very overwhelming but if you are organized and plan accordingly it can be much more relaxed. I have designed a planner just for foster moms to help you become organized check it out in my store tab. A planner just for Foster moms


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