Children with Trauma Disciplining

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Discipling Children with Trauma
All children need a superhero

Children with Trauma

Discipling a Child with Trauma

For some children a simple go to your room or even just a positive reinforcement works change the subject talk about how they have on character shoes and that will do most children will simply move one so why isn’t it the same for children with trauma? How do I discipline a child with trauma?…

Children with Trauma have experienced scary things so they do not process things the same.

Try to be gentle and understanding its okay to become frustrated that means you are being a parent

How do I discipline a child with trauma? What is trauma?

So How do you Discipline your Children with Trauma?

  • First, understand Children with trauma need to have their feelings validated they need to know you are there for them and most importantly that you care about how they feel and listen to them.
  • Secondly, have a clear understanding of what the consequences will be for certain behaviors
  • Third, have a list of unwanted behaviors and work with those first start with 5 of the behaviors that you would like to see changed or at least happening less frequent.
  • Lastly, don’t give double consequences just one per behavior Give a consequence for that behavior and follow through. Example don’t take away tv privileges and ice cream.

Discipline the Behavior Not the child

Additionally remember that we are disciplining the behavior not the child

Make that clear “Mommy did not like when you threw your clothes that behavior is not okay”

Try not to say “stop throwing your clothes” set clear boundaries “Mommy expects you to be gentle with your clothes if you would like to throw you may go outside and throw a ball.

Furthermore try a Reward for positive behaviors depending on your child’s age reward charts or sticker charts are great visual cues and child can track their progress.

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