Top 6 Places to travel (Kid Friendly)


1. Cruise

This is the ideal choice for families with children as most ships are family friendly and have tons of onboard activities for children. The best part is the food is paid with the trip so you don’t have to worry about buying food while onboard. Do your research as there are a lot of great cruise lines out there. Some of my personal favorites are Carnival and Royal Caribbean.


The best outdoor activities would definitely be the wonderful beaches of Hawaii there are a great outdoor places for children some other places to visit include:

The Bear Museum


3. Costa Rica ( Ages 2 and up)

Costa Rica, Melia Playa Conchal, grounds w/ pool, bay in background, blue sky

What’s not to love about Costa Rica? An ideal family travel playground, the country is filled with exotic wildlife, including an abundance of colorful birds, monkeys and the incredibly adorable sloth. You’ll find gorgeous beaches and lush jungle, as well as the opportunity for scenic hikes, swimming under waterfalls, zip lining, kayaking and more. 

4. Disney World (all ages)

Disney world is a child’s wonderland fun for all ages. There is so much to see and do so I recommend two day visit as you will not get through the whole park in one day. Children enjoy the rides, food and shows they get to see all their favorite characters up close and personal.

5. Yellow Stone National Park (All Ages)

All kids should have the chance to experience Yellowstone National Park before they grow up. One of America’s most spectacular national parks, it boasts more geothermal features, including hot springs, mud spots and geysers, than anywhere else on Earth.

6. Sesame Place (All Ages)

This is a must visit place based on the TV show sesame street this is like being on the show live this beautiful amusement park has lots of attractions and your children would love seeing their favorite characters live. This place in located in Philadelphia, PA but there is one to arrive in San Diego Spring 2021.

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